AUGUST 20th, 2007

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hillary in the shower huh, so long boner
The DVD Release Will Show Hillary in the Shower

Democratic Candidates to Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite

WASHINGTON (DS) – In a move that shocked Republican opponents, the Democratic Presidential candidates for 2008 agreed to cancel all further debates and instead move into a big house together for a reality show produced by MTV. "It's clear that the voting public is already tiring of the non-stop debates, so we're changing the format to something the public seems to have an unlimited appetite for: reality television," Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said.

“It’s easy for a voter to read a candidate’s policies, but it’s a lot harder for that voter to get an honest opinion of what that candidate is like. What kind of television does the candidate watch? Do they like to sleep in? Are they the type that does dishes? Do they secretly hate queers? These are the kind of questions that the American public really wants answered,” Dean said.

Initial filming of The Real World ’08 has proven difficult, as Hillary Clinton’s choice to bring along her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been met with revulsion by the other roommates. “That guy is seriously fucking disgusting,” Senator Joe Biden said. “I simply do not understand how he got all those onion rings stuck in the heating vent. Yet somehow that slick asshole makes it sound like it was our fault. And the worst part is, I start to believe him, the manipulative fuck,” Biden added.

As the only black roommate, Senator Barack Obama was immediately kicked off the show.

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